Amazing Health Benefits of CBD-rich Products

Now Available At National RX

Cannabidiol (CBD Oil) is derived from the Hemp plant and is a relatively new oil to the medicinal world. We are beginning to find new medicinal benefits from CBD-rich products, but we know it improves chronic pain and inflammation; arthritis; anxiety; stress and depression; sleep disorders and insomnia; various skin conditions; low appetite and metabolic functions; and more.

A promising area is in drug relapse and it has been shown to help with alcoholism and cocaine addiction. Stomach benefits include support for nausea, appetite control, and boosted immune system. It has been used successfully in treatment for Alzheimer's, Huntington's disease, and various cancers, and in high doses been used for treatment of Epilepsy, seizures, and related disorders.

One of our Patients suffered from hand tremors for the past four years. After three days of treatment with CBD-rich products the tremors completely stopped. "It is truly amazing" he said.

NationalRX offers a full line of CBD-rich products and no prescription is needed. Stop by or call us at (865) 392-1770. We will ship at no additional charge.